Hi friends!  My name is Kelsey and this is my journey of happiness, love, and positivity.

I am a singer/songwriter, podcaster, digital nomad, happiness enthusiast, and certified Laughter Yoga leader.

I have a long list of passions in life, including smiling, laughing, dreaming, traveling, and making music.

I’ve been on a journey of personal growth since I discovered the movie “The Secret” when I was 13. At the time, I was growing up roadschooled, traveling around the country with my parents in an RV, and battling a lack of self-confidence (due to missing two adult teeth).

Over the years, I’ve studied happiness, positivity, and personal growth and sought out more ways to add good things into my life. It’s an ever evolving journey with new learnings along the way and I’d love to share it with you.

Click here to learn more about my dental implant journey, what I did to build my self-confidence, and how I learned to smile again.

The name Positively Delighted comes from a line in a song that I wrote in 2016 called “Dolly Smiles”. The song was written for a very dear friend of mine who always had a glow of happiness around her. It is my goal for this website and in life to help others pursue this kind of positivity and create a life of delight, laughter, and fun.

Click here to learn more about the story and the inspiration behind Positively Delighted.

For more information about my music, head over to the Kelsey Henry Music Facebook page!

To find out information about my Pinterest consulting or podcast production services, head over to KelseyHenry.com!



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