How to Get Out of a Really Bad Mood (and Avoid Temper Tantrums)

Suddenly, it hit me. I was knocked off my feet by an incredibly bad mood.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t shake it. I tried to focus on the good things, take deep breaths, and think happy thoughts. None of it worked. I could feel myself spiraling out of control. I wanted to yell. I wanted to run away. I wanted to kick and scream on the floor in a full out temper tantrum.

 Overall feelings of "meh"

Overall feelings of "meh"

I can’t pinpoint what exactly made this bad mood arise. It could have been PMS, or my annoyance of having to do normal adult things, like checking credit reports. Maybe it was frustration at lacking a distinct direction in life or not having a place of my own.

It could have been any number of things. Thankfully, I was able to keep my mouth shut before I blew up at my parents over normal questions like “What are your plans this evening?” and “What are you working on today?”.

I sat in my car for some alone time and called my brother. Sean always has good words of advice during times like this. He was able to help me laugh my way out of this out-of-control mood. As I laughed about my mood, I realized that there was quite a lot that I was keeping inside. I'm very good at keeping my frustration all pent up. Occasionally, this results in days like this one.

The plus side of being in a bad mood, is that it can be turned into a good thing. If you are in a really bad mood, you're feeling a really strong emotion. You just need to channel that emotion in a different direction.

Next time you have a really bad day, try one of these suggestions to turn your day around:

Enjoy it

I recently listened to an episode of The Chalene Show called "How to Enjoy Being in a Bad Mood". In the episode, Chalene gives a strong argument for why you should enjoy your bad mood and all that comes with it.

I want to reassure you by telling you that you have permission to have bad days. You have permission to be in a bad mood and to be annoyed. If things are tough, you have permission to be mad, and to be irritated by the situation.

But just as you have permission to feel all of the above, you too must also make a conscious effort to not allow yourself to stay in it.
— Chalene Johnson

Wise words Chalene. Wise words.

Talk it through

This is where a trusted confidant comes in. For the sake of the emotional well-being of those around you, use this sparingly. It's okay to call my brother when I have a bad day (he's required to love me even when I'm grumpy), but it's not okay to call him every day when something goes wrong. This only brings him down with me.

Laugh it off

Watch a comedy or some funny videos! You might even want to keep some funny videos on hand for a quick mood booster. Laughing has so many wonderful benefits for your body.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the BuzzFeedVideo Youtube channel. This video is one of my favorites. You can't go wrong with Disney pick-up lines.


Punch it out

Everyone should own a punching bag! Sometimes when you are mad, you just want to punch something. A punching bag is a healthy way to do this (I don't recommend you go around punching people). It's a great way to relieve stress and frustration. With each punch or kick, you release your negative energy. When you're done, you're exhausted and ready to think about something else.

Run Away

You should never run away from your problems. Instead, you should run to work through your problems. I remember getting a really irritating email one day from work. My manager wanted me to accomplish an impossible task within an impossible deadline. That was enough to cause frustration, but it made matters worse because my manager also included other employees on the email. If I questioned the task, it would make me look bad! If I didn't, the task wouldn't get done in time. The whole situation put me in a really uncomfortable position...

After it was all over, all I wanted to do was run away. So, I went to the gym and ran as fast as I could for as long as possible. Not the most effective way to run, but effective enough to calm me down. I was so tired that I couldn't focus on being upset anymore. I was able to move on and enjoy the rest of the day.

Shake it off

Dancing is my personal favorite way to let off steam. I bought a Wii just so I could play Just Dance games. It takes the focus off your frustration because you are concentrating on the music and the words of the song. Added benefit of Just Dance is that you have to closely watch the moves to follow along. After awhile, you forget all the other things you were thinking about!

If you are going to have a dance off session to get out of your bad mood. You can't go wrong with Taylor Swift.

Have any other great tips for getting out of a bad mood? Or stories about temper tantrums?! Comment below!

October Challenge: Positively Balanced Life

Hello Friends! It's been awhile.

The past month has been a frenzy of ramping up my business and fitting in as many trips as possible! I'm so grateful for all of the happy days that I have had recently, but even with those happy days, it's still easy to slip into a bad mood. It seems as though stress, sadness, and anger are just waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on my good day.

As my brother so wisely told me recently, I've spent a lot of time increasing the happy moments in my life, but very little time letting myself grieve over the life that I had planned. In my last post, I talked a bit about the changes that I have gone through this summer. I know that I'm heading in a good direction, but change is hard and I need to come to terms with my new reality. You can't work through issues by avoiding them!

With freedom and low living expenses, I have been able to spend over six weeks traveling in the past three months. These adventures have been an amazing distraction, but it's time to start actually putting my life back together. I moved back home in June. Here we are starting October and the entire contents of my former apartment are still taking over the dining room at my parent's house.

I've made small progress with the "stuff", such as combing through to make a garage sale pile. Even with the eight+ boxes of items I have set aside, I know there is still so much more that needs to go. My next move will be into an RV, so need to cut down the stuff A LOT more. 

In addition to tidying up, I have so many other areas of life that need work — health, business, motivation, self-worth, life purpose, etc. Just thinking about all the self-improvement left to do is enough to make me want to take a break. This is how nothing gets done!

So... I decided to dedicate the whole month of October to finding my balance.

October Challenge: Positively Delighted LIfe

I've been wanting to do some sort of challenge to get myself motivated to make life changes and to blog more, especially after reading "The Happiness Project". Since committing to a year-long-project is a bit much for me to comprehend right now, I figured that I could start with a month.

My goal is that at the end of this month, I will feel more centered and confident in my new path. I want to have a handle on my life and set my sights on growth.

I will have a different topic for each week of October and will post daily tips/progress on the Instagram and Facebook page. At the end of each week, I will post a summary and announce the topic for the next week! Isn't this exciting?! I know I'm excited.

This week the topic will be...

Take Inventory of Your Life

Monday - Time

Tuesday - Emotions

Wednesday - Health

Thursday - Work

Friday - Finances

Saturday - Relationships

Sunday - Self-love

I can't wait to get started on this challenge!! If you would like to participate with me, use the hashtag #positivelybalancedlife on your post and tag @positivelydelighted.

Join the challenge!

October Challenge (2).png

Positively Delighted: A Journey of Happiness, Love, and Positivity

This has been a very big week!

In addition to moving, heading out on a trip, and launching this website...


My mom and I had a fun birthday photoshoot for the website launch, which included lots of baking and card making!

It is crucial that this website launched on my birthday week for two reasons:

  1. I am determined to make 24 the best year ever
  2. This website is a personal account of my own journey towards happiness, love, and positivity. What better timeline to start than at the beginning of an epic year?

Technically, I made my deadline, since I am posting this at 11 pm on Sunday :)

Positively Delighted

So what does it mean to be Positively Delighted? I like to think of it as...

Positively Delighted - a feeling of great contentment and satisfaction.

Ex. Today I feel positively delighted!

My personal goal is to live a positively delighted life. My goals for creating this website are to:

  • Document my personal journey
  • Share research, learnings, and advice from other positively delighted individuals
  • And spread happiness, love, and positivity to as many people as possible

Since this is the beginning of my journey, I'm still not quite sure what a Positively Delighted life will look like for me. However, the inspiration is very clear. This journey was inspired by a very special friend of mine, named Dolly. There are so many things that I could say about the way Dolly lived and loved life.  So many things, that I will talk about more in the upcoming weeks!

Based on Dolly's inspiration, this is how I would describe a Positively Delighted life:

A positively delighted life is about taking joy in the simple things, celebrating the little things, and treating each and every day like a gift.

Happiness Disclaimer

As much as I would love to wrap each and every word on this website with happiness, I can't.  It wouldn't be the truth. This is a journey and a Positively Delighted life is a goal that I will always be working towards.

The past year has been filled with many challenges, and recently, many changes. I finished grad school, lost my job offer, went on a three week trip to Europe, battled health issues, ended a three-year-long relationship, moved out of our apartment, moved back home with my parents, and started a company - and this is all since May! I am emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. 

With so many things changing, the most painful part is losing the idea of how I thought my life would be.  It may not have been a good plan for me, but it was my plan.  Now, my plans are wide open.  Life right now is so uncertain.... Yet at the same time, so full of hope and possibilities.

Somewhere in the midst of the chaos, I forgot to take care of me. I forgot to relax, to be proud of accomplishments, and to give love back to myself. I forgot about the things that make me happy - writing music, going on adventures, and spending time with friends and family.

To me, Positively Delighted is about reclaiming my life, searching for happiness, and finding the way back to myself.  

What will it mean for you?

I hope you will join me on this journey of happiness, love, and positivity :)