Charly and Kelsey's Epic Camping Adventure! | EP 13

In this episode, I introduce my friend Charly Jackson and we make a big announcement…

We will be caravanning for the next month on what we are calling "Charly and Kelsey's Epic Camping Adventure!".  :D

Our goal for this trip will be to push our comfort zones and test out what solo travel lifestyles would look like. We will be doing a series of episodes about what we learn and all the shenanigans we get into on the road.

Today, I want to introduce you to Charly, our travel setups (her trailer and my glamper car), how we got the idea for the trip, and our biggest challenges going into it.

Get ready for laughs and giggles as we talk RVing and camping set ups, wet baths, porta potties, and My Little Pony. 

Follow the adventure at @positivelydelighted and @wherescharly on Instagram!

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sAY HI TO Charly!

Charly is digital nomad/ solopreneur and the owner of Pulp Paper Goods, a stationary company of pretty paper products for all occasions!

She has been living the #rvlife for just over a year in her 2017 Jayco Hummingbird.

She also travels with her adorable corgi Ranger :)

Connect with her at @wherescharly on Instagram!

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Our Camping Set Ups!

Charly’s home sweet home!

Charly’s home sweet home!

Charly will be traveling in her 2017 Jayco Hummingbird. It is 20ft. long and less than 100 sq. ft. of living space.

She keeps the inside very tidy for such a small space and has it all decked out with cute decorative upgrades like Christmas lights and a kitchen backsplash.

She also converted the couch area into a desk workspace for her business.

I’m super excited to be caravanning with Charly’s rig since it has amenities that I don’t have… like a kitchen and a bathroom!

Tune into the podcast episode to hear Charly advocate for RVs with wet baths.

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I will be traveling in my glamper on wheels, which is a converted 2005 Honda CR-V. My car is about 13 ft. long with approx. 9 ft of living space.

Though I may not be able to stand in this camping set up, it is actually quite spacious! With a porta potty, cooler, full bed, and color changing lights, this set up has everything I’ll need for an adventure!

My goal is to take glamping to a whole new level. As Charly says… You’ll open up the car and say “Oh yes Kelsey lives here.”

Tune into the podcast episode to hear my previous adventure with car camping and porta potties.

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The route!

We will be traveling for one month and heading out on Sept 21st (THIS FRIDAY) from Texas to Denver, Colorado. From Denver, we will be heading south to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Then, back to Texas!

Here are some of the highlights of our trip:

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park

  • Location Indie Conference in Denver

  • Albuquerque International Balloon Festival

  • NomadFEST

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In the podcast episode, we get into lots of other fun topics like how we got the idea, what we are looking forward to, what we are nervous about, and much more, so be sure to check it out for behind the scenes info :D

We will be posting more podcast episodes during the trip and posting lots of photos on our Instagram accounts @positivelydelighted and @wherescharly!

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