Growing Up Roadschooled: Stories, Lyrics, & Lessons Learned from Full-Time RVing & Life After Roadschooling | EP 25

How would you like to hear a tale of adventure, travel, and self-discovery?

A story full of embarrassing moments, teenage drama, and many encounters with bugs.

Sound good? Then, you’re in for a treat! In this episode, I’ll be reading the first chapter of my brand new book Growing Up Roadschooled: Stories, Lyrics, & Lessons Learned from Full-Time RVing and Life After Roadschooling.

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Growing Up roadschooled

I have a special episode for you today, which features a reading of the first chapter of my book Growing Up Roadschooled, which is a #1 bestseller on Amazon!

The ebook released two weeks ago and during the launch, it hit #1 bestseller in 16 categories on Amazon in the US, in addition to hitting #1 bestseller in 9 categories in Australia. This completely blew my mind and I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who bought the book and supported me with this launch. THANK YOU!!!

I’ve been busy getting the paperback edition finalized and it is now also available on Amazon as well! I have one sitting next to me and I’m obsessed with it. It’s so pretty and pink! I love it.

So, if you haven’t heard about Growing Up Roadschooled, you might be wondering what it’s all about.

It just so happens that I have the book description right here with me! Here we go…

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"Hit the open road with Kelsey Henry as she shares her RV life adventures of Growing Up Roadschooled from ages 11-17, and beyond! Hear a kid’s perspective of the full-time RV travel lifestyle, getting into college, and starting a career in the “real world”. This story is part travel memoir, schooling manifesto, songbook, personal growth journey, and embarrassing moments! It's full of bold displays of affection, teenage drama, RV mishaps, and a lot of stories about bugs.

Under the pressure of expectations to turn out “normal”, Kelsey becomes highly motivated to prove herself as she navigates into adulthood and struggles with the contrast of conforming to stationary life and honoring her inner roadschooled kid. With humor, positivity, and many lessons learned, she captures her journey through music lyrics and finds her way back to who she wants to be."

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Putting this book together was an incredibly exciting, difficult, and freeing experience. It was fun to relive my life through song lyrics and fill in my memories from there through photos of our travels to bring this story to life. It shares my journey to positivity and happiness, with many trials along the way.

It’s scary to be so open and vulnerable. If someone doesn’t like a song I’ve written, that’s one thing. If someone doesn’t like my life story, that’s a bit more personal.

With the growing trend of full-time RVing and digital nomad families, it felt like the right time to tell this story. It’s just one outcome of this lifestyle. It’s by no means a how to guide, but it’s a lot more to go off of than I had growing up. I hope that this book will be helpful and entertaining for families, travelers, and anyone who loves a good story.

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