"I Want To Live My Life" - Song and Story with Joe Hendricks | EP 5

What does it look like for you to live your best life?

What would you be doing?

Who would you surround yourself with? And where would you be?

These are some of the questions we are going to think about today in this first ever song and story episode. You will hear an amazing song from a multi-talented musician, who will give us the inspiration to live our best life.

Music is very powerful and it can connect us to certain emotions and feelings. Not only is music a huge passion of mine, but I believe that it is a great tool that we can use to fast-track our way to the life we want.

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Today’s interview totally embodies this idea because it features the song “I Want To Live My Life” by the incredibly talented songwriter and photographer Joe Hendricks.

Joe is another amazing person that I met from The RV Entrepreneur Summit, where he was traveling around the country with his wife and son in an Airstream trailer, seeking adventure and taking photos of beautiful landscapes along the way.

He is intensely creative and has a passion for teaching others who have a dream of being a professional photographer.

Most people in our community know Joe as a talented wedding and landscape photographer, but many don’t know about his amazing songwriting skills and I really wanted to highlight this and all aspects of Joe’s creativity in today’s episode.

Joe posted this song in our RV Entrepreneur Facebook community and I was in tears when I first heard it. This song is an anthem for living your best life and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I hope this interview will give you the inspiration and courage to follow your dreams, where ever that may take you.

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  • What it means to live your best life

  • The balance between focusing on your creative passions and the business skills needed to market yourself

  • What to do when you need to pivot your creative pursuits

  • How to prepare yourself and your creative pursuit for when opportunity arises.

  • The power of being part of a community that supports your dreams.

  • AND tune in for the end when Joe makes up a song during the episode.

Check out the video for "I Want to Live My Life"!

In the episode, I mention that Joe should record this song, so we can all buy a copy!

So, I have one little favor to ask you :)

If you loved this song, please follow the link below to his YouTube video. Then, comment on it, and say “Joe record this song!”. Let’s see how many people we can share this message with and how far this song can go.

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