Lean Into Your Fears and Discover Your Own Kind of Brave with Jaclyn Fischer | EP 15

What does bravery look like to you?

Does it look like daring acts of courage? Or maybe small steps outside of your comfort zone?

Everyone has their own definition of bravery, their own unique challenges, and their own personal fears.

While these fears can be scary, they are not always bad. Our fears can show us what is important and we might just find that if we lean into these fears, we can discover our own kind of brave, as our guest today will show us.

Today’s guest is an incredibly brave solo traveler who pushed past her anxiety to follow her love of travel and lived by herself for 8 months out of her Toyota Tacoma.

In this episode, she will share with us what she learned when she decided to push her comfort zones and lean into her fears.

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Jaclyn Fischer (THEN)

I met Jaclyn in February at the RV Entrepreneur Summit, a gathering for digital nomads who travel and work on the road from an RV.

Jaclyn came to the Summit in her 1999 Toyota Tacoma, which she affectionately called “Dwight”. And she had been living in Dwight and traveling all over the country since September of last year.

After meeting at the RVE Summit, Mom and I invited Jaclyn to come stay with us at our house in Denton and we had SO MUCH FUN. She was only supposed to stay for a few days, but ended up staying half the month. We did not want her to leave.

We recorded this interview when she was staying at our house in March and it gives a great glimpse into how her trip was going and what she was learning on the road.

Jaclyn Fischer (NOW)

Since our interview, Jaclyn HAS BOUGHT A VAN!! And she launched her own website to document her travels and help others get on the road. Check out her adventures and what she is up to now at her new website, JourneywithJac.com.

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In today's episode, we talk about:

  • Battling anxiety, personal fears, and getting uncomfortable

  • How to lean into your own version of bravery

  • Finding your tribe and the people that will lift you up

  • Looking for permission within yourself instead of from others

  • Going after your dreams now (the situation will never be “perfect”)

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