Affirmations For Healing: 3 Steps To A Happier Heart

Affirmations for Healing: 3 Steps to a Happier Heart


Having a Positively Delighted life doesn't mean that everything will always be rainbows and sunshine. It’s an outlook and a tool that you can use to get through the tough times too.

Affirmations for Healing

When you are going through the loss of a relationship, job, current way of life, or even your dream for the future, it is more than okay to hurt. It is okay to feel pain, sadness, anger, and everything in between. These emotions are powerful and will give you the strength to heal, when you are ready.

To get to that point, you have to change the way that you let these emotions affect you. No big deal right?

As painful as it might sound… the only way to change your perspective is to lean into these emotions.

Lean into your emotions and see what they can tell you. Let it out and feel alllllllll the feels. Your emotions are not the enemy. They are trying to tell you something. All you have to do is listen.

Reciting these affirmations will help you start to shift your love and attention back to yourself. You are your own best healing buddy after all.

These three steps may seem simple, but they will have a profound effect on your happiness. Always remember to be patient with yourself. You are doing the best that you can in this moment. <3

1. Open your heart

There is a world of wonder waiting for you. You just have to open your eyes and your heart to see it. Open your heart to the possibilities of love and happiness that await you in your future. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. You don't have to see it yet, but when you do, don’t lose sight until you find the way out.

As often as needed, tell yourself:

“I am ready to share the love within me and receive the love around me.”

“I am thankful for all of the blessings in my life.”

“I am thankful for the ways that I positively inspire the people around me."

2. Know that you are loved

In tough times, it’s easy to fall into isolation. Sometimes we battle with our feelings and have trouble sorting through them. During this time of hurting and healing, just know that you are loved. You are an incredible human being that deserves to be loved. Let the weight of your pain release in this truth.

As often as needed, tell yourself:

“I am brave. I am kind. I am loved.”

“I feel the love around me.”

“Thank you for the love surrounding me."

3. Be still

Hours turn into days, which fly by all too quickly. Sometimes life can move so fast that it is hard to catch up. Other times, it moves so slow that it feels like it will never pass.  During this healing process, it is important to give yourself time to just “be”. This could mean sitting for a few minutes and some deep breathing. It could also mean losing yourself in a good book. Pick whatever feels right to you and start there.

As often as needed, tell yourself:

“It is okay to take time for myself.”

“Everything will be okay.”

“Thank you for taking care of me."

Then give yourself a really big hug. Because you deserve it <3

Bonus Step: Meditation for healing

I love guided meditations, especially the ones from Boho Beautiful. This meditation is perfect for opening your heart to healing.

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