Live By Your Own Rules with Camille Attell from More Than A Wheelin' | EP 7

What rules do you live your life by?

Are they your rules or someone else’s?

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about how to determine the rules you are living by right now and how to create your own rules for living a life that excites you and fills you with joy.

Today’s guest left a 20 year career as a corporate trainer to go in search of a life that filled her soul and sparked her creative passions.

She will share with us the emotions that came with this transition and the lessons she has learned along the way of living life by her own rules.

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Camille Attell

Today on the podcast, we are going to get into a topic that we haven’t covered too much yet, and that is careers! In today’s episode, I am interviewing Camille Attell from More Than A Wheelin’.

For 20 years, Camille and her husband Bryce both had successful careers in the corporate world. Camille worked as a corporate trainer and Bryce worked as a financial planning analyst.

Until, they decided to make a radical life change, which involved selling their home, downsizing their possessions, and leaving their very stable careers. They wanted to live a life on purpose that they could be excited about, so they jumped head first into full-time RVing and have been traveling for the past two years.

Now, Camille runs her own business and teaches her program Remote Work School, which helps others transition to a life of travel and working remotely. 

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Live by your own rules

There are two main topics from this interview that I found really interesting…

The first is the idea of living by your own rules. This came up from a line that Camille wrote on the about page for More Than A Wheelin'. She said:

“After 20 years, it was time to create new rules and let my inner unicorn fly free. Now, I help others do the same."

This sparked a really fascinating conversation because we are all living by some set of rules, whether that’s our own rules or rules from society, our families, our religions, etc.

Camille talks about the perspective that she grew up with and how this played out in her life, including the inner struggle of feeling successful and important in her career, yet knowing that she was also denying an important part of herself by not following her creative passions.

The emotions of transitions

The other main topic that I found interesting in this interview was how she described the emotional transition of giving up her career to live the full-time RV life. There is never a perfect time to make a big life change and she specifically mentions the fears and struggles that you overcome during this process.

She talks about the balance of “losing your identity” on the way to becoming who you want to be and also provides inspiration for going after a life and career that fills your heart with joy.

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In today's episode, we talk about:

  • How the rules and ideals we grow up with have an effect on our mindset as adults

  • The balance between the practical and free spirit mindset

  • The emotions involved in transitioning your lifestyle

  • Baby steps you can take towards your dream life

  • How to leverage your past experience in whatever life and career you want to have

  • How to make fun a priority in your life

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Remote Work 101

If working remotely is something that excites you, then you have to check out Camille’s course through her Remote Work School called “Remote Work 101”.

use the code RW10120Off to get 20% off this course and start your journey to remote work freedom!

use the code RW10120Off to get 20% off this course and start your journey to remote work freedom!


This course will teach you everything you need to know about working remotely, including:

  • Where to start with remote work

  • Identifying your unique remote work skills

  • Creating a budget for your remote work life

  • Finding remote jobs

  • Applying for remote jobs

  • Remote work interviewing tips

  • Mobile office set ups

  • Bonuses and so much more!

Seriously, I wish that I had this course when I started working remotely. I’m working my way through it right now to write up a full review of this resource for ya’ll and I am learning so much.

I am going through all of the activities, which are giving me so many new ideas for ways to find remote work that I had never thought of. Also, since I’m in this interesting transition right now from client work to building my own brand, this course is helping me identify which decisions are aligned with the type of life that I want while working remotely.

I highly recommend that you check this out and for you podcast listeners, I have a special discount code that you can use for a limited time to get this course 20% off, which is an amazing deal!

So head over here to find out more information and sign up for the course! In the checkout, use the code RW10120Off to get 20% off this course for a limited time and start your journey to remote work freedom!

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