Positively Delighted: A Journey of Happiness, Love, and Positivity

This has been a very big week!

In addition to moving, heading out on a trip, and launching this website...


My mom and I had a fun birthday photoshoot for the website launch, which included lots of baking and card making!

It is crucial that this website launched on my birthday week for two reasons:

  1. I am determined to make 24 the best year ever
  2. This website is a personal account of my own journey towards happiness, love, and positivity. What better timeline to start than at the beginning of an epic year?

Technically, I made my deadline, since I am posting this at 11 pm on Sunday :)

Positively Delighted

So what does it mean to be Positively Delighted? I like to think of it as...

Positively Delighted - a feeling of great contentment and satisfaction.

Ex. Today I feel positively delighted!

My personal goal is to live a positively delighted life. My goals for creating this website are to:

  • Document my personal journey
  • Share research, learnings, and advice from other positively delighted individuals
  • And spread happiness, love, and positivity to as many people as possible

Since this is the beginning of my journey, I'm still not quite sure what a Positively Delighted life will look like for me. However, the inspiration is very clear. This journey was inspired by a very special friend of mine, named Dolly. There are so many things that I could say about the way Dolly lived and loved life.  So many things, that I will talk about more in the upcoming weeks!

Based on Dolly's inspiration, this is how I would describe a Positively Delighted life:

A positively delighted life is about taking joy in the simple things, celebrating the little things, and treating each and every day like a gift.

Happiness Disclaimer

As much as I would love to wrap each and every word on this website with happiness, I can't.  It wouldn't be the truth. This is a journey and a Positively Delighted life is a goal that I will always be working towards.

The past year has been filled with many challenges, and recently, many changes. I finished grad school, lost my job offer, went on a three week trip to Europe, battled health issues, ended a three-year-long relationship, moved out of our apartment, moved back home with my parents, and started a company - and this is all since May! I am emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. 

With so many things changing, the most painful part is losing the idea of how I thought my life would be.  It may not have been a good plan for me, but it was my plan.  Now, my plans are wide open.  Life right now is so uncertain.... Yet at the same time, so full of hope and possibilities.

Somewhere in the midst of the chaos, I forgot to take care of me. I forgot to relax, to be proud of accomplishments, and to give love back to myself. I forgot about the things that make me happy - writing music, going on adventures, and spending time with friends and family.

To me, Positively Delighted is about reclaiming my life, searching for happiness, and finding the way back to myself.  

What will it mean for you?

I hope you will join me on this journey of happiness, love, and positivity :)