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Positive Books and Activities for Girls

Looking for a book or activity for girls that will do more than provide a few minutes of fun? I’m talking about positive books and activities that could leave a lasting impact on the girls in your life and teach them the tools of happiness! Today, we are going to talk alllllllll about positive books and resources for girls. Check out this list of amazing resources about positivity for girls that the world NEEDS to know about! #activitiesforgirls #positivity #booksforgirls #selfesteem

Have you ever wanted to find a book or activity for girls that would do more than provide a few minutes of fun?

I’m talking about positive books and activities that could leave a lasting impact on the girls in your life and teach them the tools of happiness!

Today, we are going to talk alllllllll about positivity books and resources for girls. I’ve been discovering so many amazing resources about positivity for girls that the world NEEDS to know about.

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of research into the 8-12 year old girl market, mostly due to having an incredible experience teaching a workshop at the Fulltime Families Annual Rally last month.

The workshop was called Confident Girls, Confident Women and about 80 mothers and daughters participated! It was SO much fun to incorporate positivity, fun, and coloring pages into the workshop.

I wanted to do more research into how to better serve this market and speak to girls about positivity, so I could put together more workshops and products in the future!

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I left the store with quite a collection!

I left the store with quite a collection!

Naturally, the next step was to raid the bookstore for anything I could get my hands on related to to positivity for girls. I knew just where to start… the American Girl section!

I left a sizable dent in the bookshelves, as you can see from the photo :)

I found books on mindfulness, beauty, self-care, money management, success, sticky situations, friendship, law of attraction, and more! I was quite impressed.

The resources below are so delightful. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have <3

Please note that this article includes Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission, at no cost to you. This helps to fund the website and provide more awesome positivity resources :)

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Mindfulness for Girls

I was instantly drawn to these two products. The colors alone caught my eye, but the information inside had me completely hooked. “Breathe like a Bear” has breathing exercises and other activities for mindfulness with kids (even some Laughter Yoga!!). Plus, did I mention the BEAUTIFUL artwork? I just want to flip through all the pictures and smile at them.

Mindful Kids” is a super cool card deck with mindful activities for kids. I’ve been using these activities myself and love them. There are activities to help you focus, calm your mind, feel energized, focus on the good, and more. These activity cards give you a few minutes of mindfulness that can make a huge impact on your day.

These products are definitely coming with me to any future Laughter Yoga classes.

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Positivity with American Girl

Did you know that in addition to selling dolls and creating stories that teach girls about history, American Girl also has a huge library of books on life skills? I used to have a large collection of these books as a kid and I loved them (the positivity/self-care interests started young!). American Girl has taught me so much about life.

The reason I love these books so much is that they speak positivity into each of these subjects. They teach kindness, courage, and navigating life’s sticky situations with a positive attitude.

Here is an example of why these books are so amazing.

Your Happiest You” teaches girls about the care and keeping of your mind and spirit. It’s all about happiness (a personal favorite topic of mine). Each chapter outlines a different happiness habit.

This book was beautifully done. It talks about emotions and how to manage them, being kind to yourself and others, and how to look for the good in life.

It has relevant examples for kids (and adults!) that really demonstrate these teachings.

Want to know the secret to this book’s greatness? It’s based on positive psychology!! Did you catch that? Positive Psychology. BOOM. How’s that for positivity?

Not only are these books a good read for girls, but I would also recommend them for adults. They are a fun afternoon read and I found a few things in the money management book that I should probably know how to do. 🤔

Other books from American Girl

American Girl has A LOT of books. This list gives you an example of the variety that they offer. You can find all of the current books on the American Girl website. Before ordering a book, check the publication date to see if you are ordering an updated edition. Many of the books have been updated to include technology and modern day topics for girls (cyberbullying, communicating online, etc).

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Mindset and Success for Girls

If you’re looking for a positive book for your older pre-teen and teenage girls, then you have to get Success Principles for Teens.

Not only do I recommend this book because I am a Certified Canfield Success Trainer, but also because the knowledge is crucial for a positive mindset. I wouldn’t have put in the work to get certified if the content wasn’t well worth it!!

Jack Canfield is the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, a featured teacher in the movie The Secret, an expert in success mindset and self-esteem, and an all around incredible human being.

In addition to being a good read for you and your teen, it’s also a good way to start conversations about habits and mindset. It’s never too early or too late to start creating more positive habits.

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Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages!

If we’re going to talk positivity resources for girls, I have to mention the Positively Delighted affirmation coloring pages! By spending a few minutes coloring with these coloring pages, your girls will create their own unique work of art and exponential amounts of new positive thoughts.

In my Etsy shop, you’ll find affirmation coloring pages with unicorns, mermaids, dinosaurs, sloths, llamacorns, and all the trendy creatures that girls are into these days!

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your girls, why not try something that also helps to create a positive mindset? Check out all of the coloring page sets here <3

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FREE coloring page!

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Download this free unicorn affirmation coloring page below!

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    Do you have any other recommendations for positive books and activities for girls? Comment below!

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