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A musical journey of positivity, love, and personal growth :)

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It's been a year in the making, and the time has finally come! My latest album, "Music & Lyrics" is now available.

The album features 10 original songs, including:

  • Travel Junkie

  • Music & Lyrics

  • Duct Tape My Heart

  • Dolly Smiles

  • and more!

This project is so dear to my heart. I have been working on this album for almost a year and the songs are inspired by my life experiences from ages 17 to 24.

Learn more about the songs below!

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“Music & Lyrics” is available for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. Plus, you can stream it on Spotify!

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Download the Music & Lyrics Coloring Book!

Listen to the music and enjoy this free coloring book :)

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    Learn the stories behind the songs

    Below you can listen to each of the songs and learn the stories behind them :)

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    Travel Junkie

    Age: 17

    This song is about growing up on the road in an RV. Being roadschooled is an essential part of who I am. I wrote this song before going off to college, to remind myself that I was and would always be an adventurer.

    "It's a journey that never ends, with new places and new friends. A new surprise every day."

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    Prove It

    Age: 20

    This song is about second chances... and when you should give them. I wrote this song in college, when a former boyfriend and I had reconnected. As much as I wanted to give him a second chance, I was hesitant. I needed to know it would be different this time before putting my heart on the line.

    "I can't make you change. It's up to you. You've got to choose it. And if you want me to see things different... prove it."

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    Music & Lyrics

    Age: 18

    This song is the tale of a very special kind of love. A love that everyone should hold out for. One that is as beautiful as the love between music and lyrics. This song is unique because it holds two stories.

    I was traveling with my parents for the summer in California and we met a lovely couple at the RV park. He played the guitar and she played the mandolin. The music they made together was beautiful and it gave me hope that I could have such a love someday.

    During the same time, I was in the midst of a magical summer love. I had met a boy at an open mic night and our connection was instant. He was the music to my lyrics and he gave me the courage to take chances, in life and in love.

    "I'll be your minor if you be my major. I'll be your harmonic and you'll be the danger that livens up the words I write to every note you play."

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    Duct Tape My Heart

    Age: 19

    This is a love song for one of my absolute favorite hobbies... crafting. During this time, I had quite the obsession with duct tape. My dad said I needed to find a way to combine my hobbies. Not sure if this is what he had in mind, but I felt it was a creative solution :D

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    Don't Cry Talia

    Age: 18

    This song was written for my friend Talia. One day, I was playing guitar in the hallway outside my dorm room when Talia came home crying. She had a huge fight with her boyfriend and was really upset that they might break up. I knew in that moment, I needed to write her a song to let her know that no matter what, everything would be okay.

    "Sometimes you get hurt by the guy that you trusted with your everything, but he did just that one thing. Oh, he told a lie, but don't cry now Talia. Don't cry."

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    Middle Ground

    Age: 19

    This song is about as close as I get to writing anything angry. I would describe this song as "upbeat sass"!  :D

    It's a story of miscommunication and frustration. A story of being miserable with someone and without them at the same time. 

    "You think that I'm just fine because I'm laughing. You think I'll take you back, but that won't happen."

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    Age: 23

    This is my favorite song that I have ever written. It creates a divide in the album, marking my second phase of songwriting. I didn't write much the years before "Broken" and this song captures just how lost I felt. I was in the midst of a dramatic breakup and had to very suddenly move home, I was sick for several months, and my job ran out of budget to keep me. My entire life was turned upside down in a matter of weeks. 

    I wrote this song late one night after watching a video of me performing "Travel Junkie" before heading off to college. I saw a girl filled with so much hope and possibility. I wondered... Would she be proud of me for how her life turned out? Would she be disappointed that I pushed our dreams aside? That I didn't stand up for her when she needed me to?

    This song is sad, but learning these lessons was so important to me and that is why I love this song so much. When I finally realized how broken I felt, I knew I could put the pieces of my spirit back together. There is beauty in the brokeness and hope as well.

    "I didn't mean to neglect you. And I'm so sorry that I didn't protect you. I told you it would be okay, but I lied. I pushed you away. I pushed you to the side."

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    Dolly Smiles

    Age: 22

    This song is so dear to my heart. I wrote it for a very special family friend named Dolly, who passed away from cancer two years ago. Dolly was a survivor, a fighter, and the example of optimism. Her giggles were legendary and the smallest things would make her so happy.

    This song is the inspiration behind Positively Delighted and I hope it inspires you to live a life of positivity.

    "Simple things make her so excited. She’s positively delighted."

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    Age: 22

    This is my anthem song! It represents the type of life that I want to live. A life where I am free to do what I want. Free to be myself completely.

    I originally wrote this song about feeling trapped. Feeling like I was living someone else's life. Then, I rewrote it to focus on what I wanted. What freedom looked like to me and the possibilities of what my life and career could be. Instead of feeling trapped, I began to feel like I had something to work towards.

    "I can see I'm making progress 'cause here I am today. Just a little bit farther than I was here yesterday. I know if I believe this and make it my life's mission, I'll keep moving forward instead of just wishing."

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    Cross the World

    Age: 24

    This song barely made it on the album! I was flying out to Virginia to record the final songs and vocals and I wrote this song on the plane. It was just meant to be.

    I love this song and everything it represents. After feeling so broken the year before, I was proud of myself for opening my heart again. For being able to love so deeply and love so much. This song represents my ability to love so greatly that my love could cross the world. 

    I feel like I'm finally stepping into the person that I want to be. This song is the perfect message to end this album and propel me forward into this next phase of my life <3

    "You make me want to be brave and if you ask me I will cave. Say you want to see your girl and I would cross the world."

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