• Create an Etsy Printable Business eBook
  • Create an Etsy Printable Business eBook
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Create an Etsy Printable Business eBook

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Previously a best-selling book on Amazon. Now available exclusively on Positively Delighted!

Would you love to create an online business that makes money while you sleep?!

Yes, please! 🙋But how?!

By starting an Etsy printable business!

In this quick-start ebook, you'll step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Find the best digital product ideas to sell on Etsy
  • Design printables and license clip art/graphics
  • Research keywords and write a product description
  • Create beautiful product images, price your products, and more!

    This ebook will teach you everything you need to know about selling printables and digital products on Etsy! Get started selling today!

    After purchasing, you will receive a link to download your ebook. You will receive a zip file with a PDF and epub version of the book.


    • This is a digital product. No physical products will be shipped to you.
    • Due to the electronic nature of this product, refunds are not offered for Positively Delighted digital products.

    A super fun way to make money online!

    Learn everything you need to make money with digital products on Etsy!

    Make money while you sleep

    Etsy will fulfill your digital orders. You can make money anytime, even while you're sleeping!

    Get these bonuses!

    Is Etsy selling right for you?

    Overview: This business includes designing digital files that can be printed at home (workbooks, invitations, planners, etc) and uploading them to Etsy. From there, customers can buy your products off Etsy and instantly receive their downloads! You can make money while you sleep, which is pretty rad.

    Upfront Cost: $0 to $50

    Opening an Etsy shop is free. There are fees for listing products, but you can get your first 40 listings for free with this link! You can also start with free software for designing products.

    Other expenses may include:

    Upgrading to paid design softwareCommercial use graphicsSmall fees when products are sold on Etsy

    Overall, this kind of business is very affordable, with zero to minimal start-up costs.

    Earning Potential: $100-$1,000+/month.

    Income varies depending on how much effort you put into the business. It’s a great option for when you want to make a little extra money, with minimal effort. You can absolutely make more than $1,000/month with printables, but you should build a website and expand off Etsy alone to diversify your income, reduce fees, and have more control over your growing business.

    This book will focus mainly on selling printables on Etsy and has all the information you need to get started. From there, you can grow as big as you want.

    Side note: It’s also okay to stay small. It is still a big deal if you make enough money to cover groceries every month. Make your Etsy business fit your goals.

    Included Tasks:

    Research relevant keywordsDesign printable productsWrite product descriptionsSet up Etsy listingsCreate sales and discountsVarious marketing activities to promote your awesome products

    Skills Required:

    Basic design skills: If you have design skills already – Fantastic! You’re good to go. If you’ve never designed anything ever in your life – This will be harder, but not impossible. Stick to very basic design projects or license templates and graphics to create new designs.

    Basic writing and spelling skills: You will need this for writing compelling product descriptions, keyword-rich book titles, etc. Whether you are a spelling bee champion or not, please use spell check. No one wants to buy your workbok or plannr.

    What you need to get started: An Etsy account. Sign up here and get your first 40 listings for free!