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These are positivity products, services, podcasts, and websites that I personally recommend because they are amazing! Please note that some of the links on this page may be affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommend products that I love and use. Click here to see my privacy policy.

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Positivity and Happiness

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Love and Relationships

Money Mindset and Financial Abundance

If you’ve listened to EP 2 of the podcast with Sami Womack, you know that Sami is my go-to expert on all things budgeting and money mindset! She and her family paid off almost $500,000 in debt and are now living a life of financial abundance.

Your Sunny Money Method is Sami's budgeting course and is a simple approach to family budgeting. This online course has been designed for the overwhelmed woman who wants to help her family break free from financial survival mode.

With short, actionable lessons, no fluff, and an affordable enrollment fee Your Sunny Money Method will help you work through the why and how of setting up your family's budget at your own pace, in your own time. 

If you are ready to break free from survival mode, click below to find out more information about Sami's course. If you use this link to sign up for the course, you will also receive $10 off!

Books about Money mindset

Starting & Running a Business

Remote Work 101

If you want to work remotely, then you have to check out EP 7 of the podcast with Camille Attell and her course Remote Work 101!

This course will teach you everything you need to know about working remotely, including:

  • Where to start with remote work

  • Identifying your unique remote work skills

  • Creating a budget for your remote work life

  • Finding remote jobs

  • Applying for remote jobs

  • Remote work interviewing tips

  • Mobile office set ups

  • Bonuses and so much more!

Seriously, I wish that I had this course when I started working remotely. Head over here to find out more information and sign up for the course! In the checkout, use the code RW10120Off to get 20% off this course and start your journey to remote work freedom!

Podcasting, pinterest, & Business Resources

I built my business in podcasting and Pinterest production through many of the wonderful resources mentioned below.

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Power up Podcasting course

I would not have launched The Positively Delighted Show without joining Pat Flynn’s Power Up Podcasting Course. This course help me step-by-step create a plan for putting together my podcast, launching it, growing it, and beyond.

I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone wanting to start a podcast.

Repurpose Software

I recently discovered this software and IT IS AMAZING. If you have a podcast or do a lot of Facebook Live, you need Repurpose. It will automatically publish your podcast episodes and Facebook Live videos on YouTube, with custom graphics and everything!

Check out the videos on my YouTube channel here for an example.

Envato Elements

This is a subscription service that I use to download and license photos, graphics, fonts, mockups, music, and more! You can sign for a monthly subscription, or save money with an annual subscription.

This site has saved me so much time with sourcing photos and other design elements!! I highly recommend it.

Tailwind Software

Tailwind allows you to schedule pins on Pinterest, which saves SO MUCH TIME! You also get access to Tailwind Tribes to help you grow your brand by sharing pins with other content creators.

Use this code to get a free month of Tailwind.


If you are a podcaster, you NEED to read these books by Laura Petersen, who was on the podcast in EP 6.

Copywriting for Podcasters will show you how to write compelling copy for your podcasts and grow your brand!

Permission to Write a Brand Building Book will bust any myths or fears you have about sharing your expertise through a book.

If you need someone to be your coach for launching a book on Amazon, I highly recommend that you work with Laura :) Learn more at Copy That Pops.

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