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Growing Up Roadschooled: Stories, Lyrics, & Lessons Learned from Full-Time RVing & Life After Roadschooling

Hit the open road with Kelsey Henry as she shares her RV life adventures of Growing Up Roadschooled from ages 11-17, and beyond! Hear a kid’s perspective of the full-time RV travel lifestyle, getting into college, and starting a career in the “real world”. This story is part travel memoir, schooling manifesto, songbook, personal growth journey, and embarrassing moments! It's full of bold displays of affection, teenage drama, RV mishaps, and a lot of stories about bugs. 

Under the pressure of expectations to turn out “normal”, Kelsey becomes highly motivated to prove herself as she navigates into adulthood and struggles with the contrast of conforming to stationary life and honoring her inner roadschooled kid. With humor, positivity, and many lessons learned, she captures her journey through music lyrics and finds her way back to who she wants to be.

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Music & Lyrics (Digital Copy + Lyric Booklet!)

A musical journey of positivity, love, and personal growth :)

The album features 10 original songs, including:

  • Travel Junkie

  • Music & Lyrics

  • Duct Tape My Heart

  • Dolly Smiles

  • and more!

Purchase includes a digital copy of the album Music & Lyrics by Kelsey Henry and a digital lyric booklet. Click here to learn more about the songs!

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